Produce x 101 ranking ep 8

Produce X episode 8 showed the number of trainees cut down to half after the grueling Position Evaluation. The benefit points had shaken up the rankings and saw trainees moved up and down the spots. Aside from the announcement of the top 30, the latest episode also introduced the next stage, which is the Concept Evaluation. There were also songs from renowned music producers and dance moves, choreographed by Kwon Jae Sung and Choi Young Jun, among others.

With the vote reset, the results of their Position Evaluation and votes from the National Producers will then determine the surviving trainees. First placers for each position Dance, Rap and Vocal received an additionalpoints, while the trainees who secured the top spots for the songs in the X Position gained times their score. And lastly, the number one trainee for the X Position receivedpoints. Prior to announcing the first batch of survivors, host Lee Dong Wook invited the viewers to watch the 60 trainees as they faced their new mission.

The National Producers selected the song they thought went well with each trainee for the Concept Evaluation. As the trainees gathered, Lee Dong Wook explained that their new task would be happening while votes are still being gathered for the Second Ranking Announcement. He also told them that for the next evaluation, they will be evaluated by 2, onsite voters.

Trainees will be given benefit points, depending on the votes they received; which will again impact their chance at survival. The benefits points will be revealed after the second elimination round. For Produce Xthe duo, together with other songwriters, created a future EDM dance with lyrics that expresses commitment and conviction in keeping the love.

Trainer Kwon Jae Sung choreographed the dance moves for this song. Kwon Jae Sung once again created the choreography for this track. Produce X dance trainer Choi Young Joon created the dance moves to go along with the song. Next, Lee Dong Wook handed each trainee an envelope which stated the practice rooms they needed to go to. Once all sixty trainees received their envelopes, it was time to reveal the songs, which were assigned to them by National Producers.

Each team picked two temporary centers and leaders. During class practice, some of the trainees got emotional as they knew their survival was hanging on the fence. The trainers offered them encouraging words, and urged them to give their all, and make themselves shine even if it was the last time.

Lee Dong Wook divulged that the number of votes reached a total of 33,which shocked the trainees. He also said that the trainee who placed 30th only had a difference of 3, votes from the 31st trainee. After that he proceeded to announce the trainees that made the cut, starting from rank 29 to It soon followed by the names of those who rank from 20 to In what seemed to be one of the biggest shockers of the night, Jellyfish Trainee Kim Min Kyu landed on the tenth spot.

Lee Dong Wook expressed his surprise prior to revealing the result, he even clarified if he had the correct cue card. On stage, Min Kyu thanked the National Producers for their vote of confidence. In reference to last episode where he tried to hold back his tears, Lee Dong Wook advised Kim Min Kyu that it was okay to cry.

He told the trainee that holding back tears is not a good thing, and he should share his emotions and not keep such things to himself. A first in the history of the show, the remaining seats would be occupied by trainees from the same company. After announcing the name of the last trainee to complete the top 30, Lee Dong Wook gave heart-felt and encouraging words to the other trainees.

Trainee Lee Mi Dam expressed his regrets of not putting more effort and about his rank.Twitter Discord Plug. Hey y'all. Me again updating casual Produce viewers with the newest rankings after the 2nd eliminations! To see the results of the first elimination, please click here to check out the thread. So these are the official rankings after the second elimination, which took place in Episode 8 and after the position evaluation performances.

Also, feel free to follow this site for a more in-depth look of rankings week to week! Also, this list will be updated once the official rankings for both the X position and ranks are officially revealed. Yuvin is obviously main vocalist material. He's proven himself, now he just needs to show off more of his other charms. Gookheon, oh, hands down to this guy. He did great on Mess9 that even YG noticed him and praised him, but failed to enter the final group.

Same thing happened: trainers praised him and even called him the "cheat code" for being great at singing and dancing.

What does he need to do for people to appreciate him? IN2IT got eliminated. I want them to make it until the end. Yeah, Yuvin is in my core so I'm hoping the concept evals move him up the ranks even further! His vocals are top notch.

produce x 101 ranking ep 8

Kookheon has everything, and I thought his Believer focus cam would have scored him more fans but it looks like all the Believer hype went to Yunseong. It's frustrating to see him drop, hope the 2-pick works better for him. Gukheon probably chose dance to get more attention but unfortunately Mnet seems to conveniently ignore him every time.

Yeah i agree! The major surprise for me was Lee Hyeop's rise and I audibly cheered while watching because his voice is among my favorite on the show. I'm so glad he lives to fight another round! Otherwise no huge surprises which is about as expected from this season so far.

Jinhyuk's rise was expected as well, he's a great character.

Produce X 101 Ranking

I'm simultaneously amused and wary about the two TOP Media trainees being 1 and 2. The votes for the top are extremely close together and then after that have a bit of a drop off. It'll be interesting to see how the ranks change when voting changes is it going to 2 pick now?

The redemption voting is a bit cruel imo and gives me flashbacks to the shit show that was BOYSThe public called 'national producers' "produces" a boy band by choosing 11 members among the trainees from 47 different entertainment companies and independent trainees through online and live voting with multiple elimination rounds.

National producers also choose the group's concept, name, and debut song. The debut group produced through this show named X1. Source: Wikipedia Edit Translation. MDL v6 en. Feeds Calendar Articles Trailers.

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TV Shows. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. Edit this Page Edit Information. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 8. Related Content Produce 48 Korean prequel. Produce X The Beginning Korean side story.

Add Cast. Lee Dong Wook [National Producer]. Cheetah [Rap Trainer]. Bae Yoon Jung [Dance Trainer]. Kwon Jae Seung [Dance Trainer]. Lee Seok Hoon [Vocal trainer]. Shin Yoo Mi [Vocal Trainer]. View all Write Review.

Other reviews by this user 0. Jul 21, 12 of 12 episodes seen. Completed 0. Overall 7.Produce X is a South Korean reality television show. The spelling of names in English is according to the official website.

The age listed is according to the Korean age system at the start of the competition. The new X rank means the contestants are the least prepared, and are the most vulnerable to be eliminated.

Bold denotes the person who picked the team members. Son Dong-pyo, who was center position for the "X1-MA" theme song performance, chose his team first, and the other 7 captains selected by lottery to choose their members afterwards.

The songs' artist was chosen by a race. After picking an artist, the captains then chose a song and half of their team to create their final group, with the other half receiving the other song and becoming their opposing group. All contestants of each winning team received a bonus of 3, votes, with the top contestants receiving ten times their votes. Each contestant performs in either the Vocal, Rap, Dance, or "X" position on a particular song.

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For Vocal, Rap, and Dance positions, the top contestant for each song receives times their votes, while the top contestant among all songs of each position receives avote bonus. For the "X" position, both bonuses are doubled. For "Me After You" and "Attention" teams, the number of votes received by some members was not posted.

The contestants were assigned into different concept songs through a voting system which took place between the first and second elimination rounds.

produce x 101 ranking ep 8

When the second elimination round concluded, some contestants were reshuffled into different concept songs if their teams had more than six contestants. The contestant with the most votes in each team receives times their votes. The winning team also receives an additionalvote bonus that is split based on each contestant's ranking: the contestant with the most votes receivesvotes, while the remaining contestants receive 20, votes.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. Mnet - Produce X Archived from the original on March 23, Retrieved March 23, Archived from the original on May 3, Retrieved May 4, Archived from the original on Retrieved Retrieved 8 April Retrieved 21 June Retrieved March 25, Produce China Camp Japan Camp Kimberley Chen.

Li Xinyi. Xu Yiyang. Categories : Produce contestants Lists of reality show participants Lists of singers Lists of dance musicians Lists of pop musicians Lists of men. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.The final group members will promote for 5 years. The final debuting group name is X1. Peak Facts: — Peak has trained with Chandelier Music for six months.

Lee Jun Hyuk Facts: — Junhyuk has trained for 2 years and 3 months.

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Lee Hwan Facts: — Hwan has trained for 2 years and 9 months. Uehara Jun Facts: — Uehara Jun has trained for 2 years and 3 months. O Episode 2. Lee Jin Woo Facts: — He has trained for only 5 months. Kang Min Hee Facts: — Minhee has trained for a year and 9 months. Koo Jung Mo Facts: — Jungmo has trained for a year and 2 months. Moon Hyun Bin Facts: — Hyunbin has trained with for 2 years and 7 months. Song Hyung Jun Facts: — Hyungjun has trained for a year and 3 months. Ham Won Jin Facts: — Wonjin has trained for 2 years and 6 months.

Won Hyun Sik Facts: — Hyunsik has trained for 2 years and 9 months. Show more Keum Donghyun Facts…. Lee Jae Bin Facts: — Jaebin has trained for a year and 4 months. Kim Dong Bin Facts: — Dongbin trained for a year and 9 months. Choi Jin Hwa Facts: — Jinhwa has been training for 7 months. Kim Jun Jae Facts: — Junjae has trained for a year and 3 months. He was eliminated at rank 19 within the rap team. Kim Sihun Facts: — Sihun has trained for 2 years and 9 months.

Yena stated they both majored in practical dance and that Sihun was a great dancer.

Current Rankings

Want to know more about Sihun? Want to know more about Hyeonsu?The format is noted for having no panel of judges, employing audience participation to make decisions, and for starting with a very large number of competitors,narrowing that number down to a final The franchise began in and has since expanded to other East Asian countries of China and Japan.

produce x 101 ranking ep 8

The franchise has attracted a wide following in the world. More than 10 million people cast votes during the finale of Season 2 inequivalent to a fifth of South Korea's population. Following the Mnet vote manipulation investigationon November 14,producer Ahn Joon-young partially admitted to rigging the votes of all seasons of Produce during police questioning.

He was arrested before over allegations of bribery and fraud in the franchise. As of 27 Augustthere have been 8 groups debuted with 85 members involved in over 3 franchises of Produce From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reality television talent competition franchise. This article is about the Produce franchise.

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Tiger Hu 1, 2 Stanley Huang 2 Z. Tao 3 Amber Liu 4 Zhou Zhennan 4. Cypress Ueno 1 Bose 1 Ken the 2. Ninety-nine 1,2. Season 1 : I. Cheetah 1, 2, 3, 4 Hwang Dong-hyun 2. Archived from the original on November 19, Retrieved April 23, July 1, November 14, Archived from the original on November 15, Retrieved November 14, Seoul Selection.

Retrieved April 16, — via Google Books. Naver in Korean. Ilgan Sports.The public, referred to as "national producers", "produces" a boy band by choosing 11 members among the trainees from 47 different entertainment companies and independent trainees through online voting and live voting with multiple elimination rounds.

The public will also choose the group's concept, debut song, and group name. The show aired from May 3 to July 19, Filming for the show began on March 4, On the same day, the trainers were announced, [5] [6] [7] as well as Lee Dong-wook announced as MC role.

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New to this series is the X rank, the lowest rank where they are at the most vulnerable to be eliminated. It is similar to the F rank used in the previous three seasons.

Furthermore, the 11th member of the final group will be decided by the total number of votes they have accumulated throughout the whole season, meaning that the trainee who places 11th in the finale does not necessarily become the 11th member of the final group.

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The series was presented by Lee Dong-wook. Each contestant enters the studio chooses his preferred seat among chairs numbered 1 tobefore being informed about several changes that will be applied in this season. Contestants then perform according to their company for evaluation. At the ending, the popularity ranking is shown with Jellyfish Entertainment's Kim Min-kyu taking 1st place. The trainees react to the first episode along with Lee Dong-wook.

The evaluation from Episode 1 continues until all the trainees are evaluated. The trainees in groups A, B, C, and D are taken to the dormitories and are given roommates and uniforms. They are told that they will be training and performing the theme song, "X1-MA", on M! Instead of being sent home, the X trainees were secretly taken to a different training center to receive specialized training. Each contestant records video evaluations for the song.

The episode ends with the popularity ranking showing Oui Entertainment's Kim Yo-han in 1st place. The trainees film themselves individually performing "X1-MA. Afterwards, the trainees are given their new grade and move into their new rooms corresponding to their rank.

Following the reorganization, they are told that the center position of the "X1-MA" performance will be instead chosen by audience vote instead of trainee vote. Trainees who are reevaluated as X will not be able to appear in the performances. The trainees begin the Group X Battle, where they are competing with are a group's debut song and their a hit song.

All songs are performed live and each member is voted on by the audience individually. The group with the highest score among the two wins and gains a benefit of bonus votes for each of its members, with the highest-ranked member, will gain an extra benefit of having his score multiplied by 10 in addition of the bonus votes.

The group with the highest votes will later perform on M! The episode ends with the current rankings, with Oui Entertainment's Kim Yo-han maintaining his 1st-place position. The rehearsals and performances of the remaining teams are shown. Monsta X 's Jooheon appears as a special trainer. After the last performance, trainees are shown their rankings based on the audience and bonus votes.

Source Music 's Kim Hyunbin places 1st in individual votes. Countdown stage.